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EZiDIG Cable Detection:

EZiDIG provides an extra level of protection during excavation projects, protecting your workforce and equipment by significantly reducing the chance of cable strikes.


EZiDIG Overview:


EZiDIG is specifically designed to alert excavator operators to the presence of buried metallic services as they excavate. EZiDIG removes the surveyor and banksmen from the trench and provides a much needed extra layer of protection during the excavation process.


Maintenance and repair of construction equipment is an increasing cost to equipment owners and fleet managers. Commonly hydraulic hoses and cables are damaged when excavators are involved in power cable strikes. EZiDIG is an investment which increases site safety and reduces repair costs all without sacrificing productivity!

Reduce Cable Strikes

Reduce Costs

Excavate with Confidence

Increase Site Safety

Increase Productivity


System Components:


The EZiDIG system is made of three core components, the excavated mounted sensor and display, with a new product called EZiSEARCH. EZiSEARCH is a unique signal injection system which increases the performance of EZiDIG, ensuring you get the maximum from the system - detecting a range of hazardous buried services.

EZiSEARCH Ground Signal Injector

EZiDIG Sensor

EZiDIG In-Cab Display


EZiSEARCH Ground Signal Injector


EZiSEARCH assists the EZiDIG sensor by improving the detection of buried services across the excavation area.

Increase Performance

Boost the level of detectable signals within an area increasing the accuracy of location.

Locate Tricky Services

Balanced cables, short cables, non-energised cables can become detectable with EZiSEARCH.

Full Coverage

There is no need to connect EZiSEARCH to an individual service as it can extend across the entire excavation area.

Easy to Use

With only one button, EZiSEARCH couldn’t be simpler!


EZiDIG Sensor


The EZiDIG sensor provides a unique protection zone around the excavator bucket detecting buried services beneath.

Combined Detection Mode

There is no need to switch detection modes with EZiDIG - the sensor receives power, radio and generator signals simultaneously.

360 degree Detection

With a unique aerial configuration EZiDIG can detect services in all directions.

Magnetically Mounted

For fast installation and quick removal for overnight security.

Rugged Design

EZiDIG's clever electronics are well protected in the tough plastic housing, perfect for tough on-site conditions.


EZiDIG In-Cab Display


The EZiDIG in-cab display alerts the operator to buried hazards with an audible and visual warning, preventing cable strikes.

Large Full Colour Screen

With vivid 4 screen users can clearly see buried dangers as they excavate.

Flexible Mounting System

Every display comes complete with a suction RAM mount to secure the display screen to the excavator windscreen. It also comes with a mounting bracket for excavators with exposed cabs.

Concentrate on the Excavation

Once initial setup is complete, EZiDIG needs no user intervention to operate - it couldn't be easier!